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Jan 022012

How to parse large XML files in PHP?

Some time ago I was faced with the problem of parsing large XML files in PHP. While the small files are no problem and all is quickly parsed, an attempt to pare larger files often causes timeout or Internal Sever Error. Such large files, however, are often used for remote updates of offers (eg, published by the wholesalers).

This is because PHP has set a limit to use, a standard method for parsing files (such as DOMDocument) can be effectively use that limit.

The solution is to use the XMLReader class, by default, available in a standard configuration of PHP 5.1.0.

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Oct 312011

Back after years

A more specifically after two. That time has passed since the last post.

During this time, a lot of changes happened in my life, both private and professional life. True love, new job (and thus new challenges), my resignation of conduction online stores and their sales. But let me say step by step.
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