Implement mobile notifications from any app or script

Although I am no longer a professional web developer, I still write some scripts from time to time, to help me in life. These scripts could vary from backup scripts to some website parser processing.

Their execution times ranged between a few minutes to a few hours. What I wanted to have is some notification that a script has ended its execution, so I could check the results. What options do I have?

Salesforce – How to automatically clean up profiles and permission sets?

I recently had a problem – I needed to

  1. retrieve profiles and permission sets from Salesforce dev org
  2. clean them up to prepare for deployment

Although retrieving is easy, manual cleaning takes some time. Especially when you have to do the same from time to time.

This might happen if we have different API version between orgs, or a
managed package installed in source org and not in destination org.

2018: My Year in Review

In this post I would like to share information about what I managed to achieve in matters related to professional life in 2018. Two Salesforce certificates, Amazon Web Services, changing work, 2 week trip to Gran Canaria and much more.

Salesforce – How to solve Insufficient Privileges error?

Have you ever received Insufficient Privileges error after trying to access some record? Or maybe one of your Salesforce users reported this problem?

Not everyone knows that Salesforce provides a handy feature that allows checking why a specific user has access to some record (for standard or custom object).

Salesforce – How can I get the code coverage of a class / org?

To get code coverage of a class or all classes you can use Tooling API on objects like:

  • ApexCodeCoverage – contains coverage per class per test class
  • ApexCodeCoverageAggregate – contains coverage per class for all test classes
  • ApexOrgWideCoverage – contains coverage overall for all classes in the org

The best way is run queries using Developer Console