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Sep 202019

Implement mobile notifications from any app or script

Although I am no longer a professional web developer, I still write some scripts from time to time, to help me in life. These scripts could vary from backup scripts to some website parser processing.

Their execution times ranged between a few minutes to a few hours. What I wanted to have is some notification that a script has ended its execution, so I could check the results. What options do I have?
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Aug 122019

Salesforce – How to automatically clean up profiles and permission sets?

I recently had a problem – I needed to

  1. retrieve profiles and permission sets from Salesforce dev org
  2. clean them up to prepare for deployment

Although retrieving is easy, manual cleaning takes some time. Especially when you have to do the same from time to time.

This might happen if we have different API version between orgs, or a managed package installed in source org and not in destination org.

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Mar 282018

Salesforce – How to solve Insufficient Privileges error?

Have you ever received Insufficient Privileges error after trying to access some record. Or maybe one of your Salesforce users reported this problem?

Not everyone knows that Salesforce provides a handy feature that allows to check why specific user have access to some record (for standard or custom object). This only works if Sharing Settings are set to “Private” or “Public Read Only” (as sharing doesn’t make sense for “Public Read/Write”).

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Oct 162015

Mobile statistics – tablets vs desktops

More than 3 years ago I’ve created a website with Siedlce dining menu with food for delivery. Short after that I added RWD, so could be easily viewed on mobile devices.

I wondered recently what the statistics from mobile devices look like. Because there are quite a lot, I decided to prepare a short summary. Due to the limited scope of the page (only my city – Siedlce and surroundings) numbers are not stunning, but the results are interesting.
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Aug 202015

Script to backup an entire folder

I use Total Commander every day and it has an useful option to backup the entire folder.

Usually I’ve done this way:

  1. clicked ALT + F5 (poped up a window to compress files)
  2. I gave the name of the archive by adding a date at the beginning of the file
  3. clicked OK
  4. I’ve moved created ZIP file into a directory called “backup” where I kept all archives

It wasn’t a very convenient solution, which is why I created a simple .bat script that makes the work easier.

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May 272015

Salesforce – What is the difference between a task and an event?

Tasks are things to do, a “point in time” (no duration), such a prepare meeting notes, set up conference room. They can be set in a future and they have dates and statuses. You can have assigned to yourself or that someone else has assigned to you.

Events are meetings (i.e. sales meeting on the 10th from 2pm to 3pm with Fred & Wilma), so they have a start time, an end time, a location, and invitees (tasks can’t).

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