Oct 312011

Back after years

A more specifically after two. That time has passed since the last post.

During this time, a lot of changes happened in my life, both private and professional life. True love, new job (and thus new challenges), my resignation of conduction online stores and their sales. But let me say step by step.

I got engaged – after a year of meeting with the true chosen one heart, the future wife and mother of my children. With full confidence, awareness, constant and irresistible desire to be together. Those who have me in your contacts on NK could see a little picture of this occasion.

After 7 years of running my own business I decided to change the mode of one-man-army for a typical full-time job as a webmaster / Webdeveloper / programmer. Until now, small business owner, and the person dealing with issues associated with creating pages, business marketing, positioning, accounting, logistics, etc. Currently my responsibilities include only purely technical matters, allowing me to focus on further development and exploration of issues that interest me the most.

Also, after 7 years since the launch of the shop Mydlandia and 4 years of Kadoro store decided to sell them. The reasons for the decision were different. Not without regret, but the time has come when I had to go ahead and close behind a certain stage in my life. Running the shops from the bare essentials (starting from the concept name, appearance, parties to the negotiations with contractors), which taught me many aspects of doing business on the Internet. It was a very valuable lesson with the well passed an examination (the stores are still running).

On the occasion of major life changes I also sold my little translation agency Almand. Because of other responsibilities to deal with translations, I stopped some time ago, so there was no point in the domain block and inhibit the potential of the site. The website is owned by a person who is a professional translater.

These are the most important changes which have been in the last 2 years. I will try to keep you up to date, yet to return to more frequent posts loosely connected with what is happening in my life .


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