Dec 292011

Change of NextGen gallery Gallery on Picasa

After several years of using the NextGEN Gallery plugin for Wordpres as a method for the publication of photos I decided to change it to PicasÄ™ Web Albums. Now a lot easier, better and faster I add newly taken pictures.

As a plugin for their publication in the gallery used the addition of PWA+PHP, which is a very convenient way to display always current albums aby API . The only problem was if you want to hide a few albums while keeping them in Picasa (such as albums automatically assumed to integrate with Google Plus). To do this, edit the file wp-content/plugins/pwaplusphp/dumpAlbumList.php

find the line

$pos = strlen(strpos($title,'_hide'));

and replace it with

$ALBUMS_TO_HIDE=array('Scrapbook Photos', 'Profile Photos');
if (in_array($title, $ALBUMS_TO_HIDE))
$pos = 1;
$pos = strlen(strpos($title,'_hide'));

Of course, we put in $ ALBUMS_TO_HIDE album names to hide.

This plugin is free, while its paid version includes the possibility of including the cache which loads a lot of faster pages with many albums.

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