Feb 052012

Buying at discount stores and looking for the manufacturer’s?

To learn how to make mobile pages, I’ve prepared the mobile website to search for the original manufacturers of different products (cheap brands) sold in discount stores (Tesco, etc.).

Example: cheap chips “TOP chips” are actually manufactured by Lorenz Snack-World – manufacturer of brands such as Crunchips.

To find information on what the company stands behind the product, bar code must be entered and the page will show the name of the manufacturer. After installing the Barcode Scanner (for Android) instead of just write code to scan code.

Important: After you run Barcode Scanner enter the settings, then select “Custom Search URL ‘and type http://www.skaruz.com/code/en/index.php?code=%s

Technical side:
– jQuery Mobile
– connecting to an external database
– handy cache in MySQL for processed products and the producers found

Within 2 days after the start and posting a link to Wykop.pl was over 9k searches.

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