Sep 202014

Convert your blog from qTranslate to mqTranslate

For many years I used the qTranslate plugin, which is responsible for language versions in Wordpresie. It is free, but it has been a major disadvantage – it is rarely updated. This causes problems after almost every Wordpres update . Sometimes it was possible to fix it manually by editing the plugin file, but after the latest WordPress 4 release it was completely broken. I was looking for any different plugin to keep the blog in two languages.

But it turned out that someone created a similar plugin based on qTranslate, and created mqTranslate.

Having already qTranslate was faced with the problem of conversion of existing content to the format of the new plugin, but it turned out that it is a method. The following recipe what to do with qTranslate installed.

  1. Make a copy of the website and the database.
  2. Download mqTranslate but it does not turn on.
  3. Unplug the qTranslate.
  4. Turn mqTranslate.
  5. In the Settings section, select Import Migration from qTranslate settings and click Save.
  6. Stay on the same page and then ride down to language management. Select the default language, and additional turn off the ones you do not need.
  7. Go to the Appearance menu, select widget “mqTranslate Language Chooser” and drag it anywhere on the template.

Author plugin declares a frequent updates, so you can hope that there will be problems after the release of new versions of WordPress.

It’s goood to plugin qTranslate slug with Widget installed, which (although it has not been updated for over 2 years) works with mqTranslate and allows you to define individual URLs to posts for language versions.

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