Oct 162015

Mobile statistics – tablets vs desktops

More than 3 years ago I’ve created MenuSiedlce.pl a website with Siedlce dining menu with food for delivery. Short after that I added RWD, so could be easily viewed on mobile devices.

I wondered recently what the statistics from mobile devices look like. Because there are quite a lot, I decided to prepare a short summary. Due to the limited scope of the page (only my city – Siedlce and surroundings) numbers are not stunning, but the results are interesting.

The figures show the sessions (visits), not unique visitors or views.

The following is a summary of this period broken down by quarters.

Mobile visits to MenuSiedlce.pl – figures

Q2 201211243531162
Q3 20124548249254822
Q4 20125699429656193
Q1 201369777041037784
Q2 2013696111041368201
Q3 2013755916531909402
Q4 20138280220629210778
Q1 20148174272132011215
Q2 20147543306935710969
Q3 20148514407036112945
Q4 20149032485947314364
Q1 20159643635560416602
Q2 20158161684957415584
Q3 20157375718558215142


Mobile visits to MenuSiedlce.pl – percentage

Q2 201297%3%0%
Q3 201294%5%1%
Q4 201292%7%1%
Q1 201390% 9%1%
Q2 201385%13%2%
Q3 201380%18%2%
Q4 201377%20%3%
Q1 201473%24%3%
Q2 201469%28%3%
Q3 201466%31%3%
Q4 201463%34%3%
Q1 201558%38%4%
Q2 201552%44%4%
Q3 201549%47%4%


As seen in Q3 2015 the number of visits from mobile devices has already exceeded the number of visits from the desktop (of course in this particular website).

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