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Mar 262015

Salesforce – Audit Trail Parser

When I was preparing my first change set, I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t get information about what was changed recently. Then I learned that there is Audit Trail which stores this kind of information as a changelog.

So I prepared a tool where you can upload a CSV file (from View Audit Trail section) and it will show you the changes made in the system (changed Apex classes, VF pages, objects, fields, profiles etc.).

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Mar 192015

Salesforce – How to access Owner custom fields in a SOQL query?

Today I came across a problem with accessing Owner custom fields (for the User object I had several of these fields).

I only could access few standard fields like Owner.Name, Owner.FirstName without problems.

SELECT Id, Name, Owner.Name, Owner.FirstName, Owner.Store_Name__c
FROM CustomObject__c
WHERE Id = :ourId

ERROR at Row:1:Column:74
No such column ‘Store_Name__c’ on entity ‘Name’.

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Feb 242015

Salesforce – How to show different error messages in Apex / Visualforce?

When we build custom Visualforce page, there are times we want to send some error message to user saying that something went wrong or additional data is required. Other time we want just inform him, that process bas been successfully ended.

We can do this by showing different types Apex page message severities. To do this, just use one of the following: Read more …

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Feb 242015

Salesforce – How to get translated values of picklist and Record Types in Apex?

When we create an application that uses multiple languages, we use translation workbench is the purpose of the translation. Salesforce takes care of the translation user interface, so we always got the right language. But to get the data (picklist values and record type names) in the appropriate language in Apex and VisualForce – we have to do it ourself.

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Nov 202014

Salesforce – How to retrieve list of Chatter Files related to a record

Files associated with a record can be stored in 2 ways: as an attachment (in the Notes & Attachements related list) as well as Salesforce Content (using Chatter Files).

Recently I had a task to create Visualforce pages, which put on the Page Layout as inline Visualforce showed the files posted by Chatter Files associated with the record. Adding files was carried out by the Chatter. Assigning Topics to an entry in Chatter allowed to filter files by this as a category.

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Sep 222014

Salesforce – Master-Detail lookup field locked for editing after creation

Working as a Salesforce Developer meet with the various problems of both a configuration and developing.

One of the problems was when I created a Master-Details field on custom object to another custom object. When I created a record on the child, I coulnd’t edit value of this field.

As it turned out this inner Salesforce limit (no edit option in the Master-Detail field regardless of the permissions to read / write). Fortunately, with the Summer 12 release we can change this value. To do this, enable the “Allow reparenting” in Master-Detail field definition. By default, you cannot “reparent” records in master-detail relationship.


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