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Sep 202014

Convert your blog from qTranslate to mqTranslate

For many years I used the qTranslate plugin, which is responsible for language versions in Wordpresie. It is free, but it has been a major disadvantage – it is rarely updated. This causes problems after almost every Wordpres update . Sometimes it was possible to fix it manually by editing the plugin file, but after the latest WordPress 4 release it was completely broken. I was looking for any different plugin to keep the blog in two languages. Read more …

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Mar 122014

How to keep track of information from sites and blogs?

I remember when starting my adventure with the Internet 15 years ago in 1995) I used a modem to connect to the internet. Costs were not so low because 3 minute cost was 29 cents, which gave close to 5.80 per hour. So browsing internet only for 2 hour per day would cost about 1/3 of my monthly sallary.
This meant that if I wanted to read something, I had to do it fairly quickly, or simply save the data pages to disk.

Another disadvantage was the problem with tracking changes on my favorite blogs. Yes, yes, there were blogs already. Visiting daily 5 blogs was not a problem, but what if I need to check 50 of them? Because there was no Facebook (founded only 10 years ago, is in 2004), it was necessary to systematically check those websites manually for new messages or … use the tools for RSS. Read more …

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May 212012

Encrypt USB Flash Drive – how to secure pendrive with password?

Due to the nature of the work I sometimes use a pendrive or external USB hard drive to transfer various materials. However, the problem in case of loss or theft will not only its physical loss but also loss of data.

To prevent that, you should encrypt such a disk, allowing access to data contained on it will be possible only after entering a password. For this purpose, we use TrueCrypt program to create a container encrypted by AES , and then prepare a drive to have it automatically decrypted after entering correct password.
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Feb 052012

Buying at discount stores and looking for the manufacturer’s?

To learn how to make mobile pages, I’ve prepared the mobile website to search for the original manufacturers of different products (cheap brands) sold in discount stores (Tesco, etc.).

Example: cheap chips “TOP chips” are actually manufactured by Lorenz Snack-World – manufacturer of brands such as Crunchips.

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Jan 232012

Cufon IE delay

For many years it was not possible to attach arbitrary fonts for web pages so that they look identical in the leading browsers. Instead, you had to use images.

Then it was time Cufon library where everything was beautifully rendered. Everything, but not everywhere. In IE visible ugly gap (about half a second) when loading the page, but managed to find a solution.

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Jan 022012

How to parse large XML files in PHP?

Some time ago I was faced with the problem of parsing large XML files in PHP. While the small files are no problem and all is quickly parsed, an attempt to pare larger files often causes timeout or Internal Sever Error. Such large files, however, are often used for remote updates of offers (eg, published by the wholesalers).

This is because PHP has set a limit to use, a standard method for parsing files (such as DOMDocument) can be effectively use that limit.

The solution is to use the XMLReader class, by default, available in a standard configuration of PHP 5.1.0.

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Oct 312011

Back after years

A more specifically after two. That time has passed since the last post.

During this time, a lot of changes happened in my life, both private and professional life. True love, new job (and thus new challenges), my resignation of conduction online stores and their sales. But let me say step by step.
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