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Mar 122014

How to keep track of information from sites and blogs?

I remember when starting my adventure with the Internet 15 years ago in 1995) I used a modem to connect to the internet. Costs were not so low because 3 minute cost was 29 cents, which gave close to 5.80 per hour. So browsing internet only for 2 hour per day would cost about 1/3 of my monthly sallary.
This meant that if I wanted to read something, I had to do it fairly quickly, or simply save the data pages to disk.

Another disadvantage was the problem with tracking changes on my favorite blogs. Yes, yes, there were blogs already. Visiting daily 5 blogs was not a problem, but what if I need to check 50 of them? Because there was no Facebook (founded only 10 years ago, is in 2004), it was necessary to systematically check those websites manually for new messages or … use the tools for RSS. Read more …

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