Salesforce – Automate Your Currency Rates

Currency Manager for Salesforce

In one of the projects, there was a requirement to allow Finance Users to update currency rates. But managing currencies in Salesforce require having both “Customize Application” and “View Setup and Configuration” permissions. That would give access to multiple setup features, not only related to currencies.

That brought me a question – what if there are more organizations with similar need. How to allow Finance User to update currency rates without having to ask System Admin to do that?

So I came up with the idea of building an app and posting it on AppExchange which was something new for me. But I’ve made it.

Currently it allows to:

  • Manage Currencies
    Activate new currencies or inactivate the ones you no longer need.
  • Rates for Managed Currencies
    Set current rates for managed currencies.
  • Manage Dated Exchange Rates
    Easily set dated exchange rates for specific date ranges.

and more features will be added soon (I’m open to suggestions). Access to all of that is managed by a single permission set.

Before install – make sure you have Multi Currency enabled.

I’ve also made a subpage dedicated to this app.

In case of any issues – check installation guide or contact me.

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