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Mar 282018

Salesforce – How to solve Insufficient Privileges error?

Have you ever received Insufficient Privileges error after trying to access some record. Or maybe one of your Salesforce users reported this problem?

Not everyone knows that Salesforce provides a handy feature that allows to check why specific user have access to some record (for standard or custom object). This only works if Sharing Settings are set to “Private” or “Public Read Only” (as sharing doesn’t make sense for “Public Read/Write”).

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May 272015

Salesforce – What is the difference between a task and an event?

Tasks are things to do, a “point in time” (no duration), such a prepare meeting notes, set up conference room. They can be set in a future and they have dates and statuses. You can have assigned to yourself or that someone else has assigned to you.

Events are meetings (i.e. sales meeting on the 10th from 2pm to 3pm with Fred & Wilma), so they have a start time, an end time, a location, and invitees (tasks can’t).

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May 222015

Salesforce – How can I get the code coverage of a class / org?

To get code coverage of a class or all classes you can use Tooling API on objects like:

  • ApexCodeCoverage – contains coverage per class per test class
  • ApexCodeCoverageAggregate – contains coverage per class for all test classes
  • ApexOrgWideCoverage – contains coverage overall for all classes in the org
The best way is run queries using Developer Console

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Mar 262015

Salesforce – Audit Trail Parser

When I was preparing my first change set, I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t get information about what was changed recently. Then I learned that there is Audit Trail which stores this kind of information as a changelog.

So I prepared a tool where you can upload a CSV file (from View Audit Trail section) and it will show you the changes made in the system (changed Apex classes, VF pages, objects, fields, profiles etc.).

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Mar 192015

Salesforce – How to access Owner custom fields in a SOQL query?

Today I came across a problem with accessing Owner custom fields (for the User object I had several of these fields).

I only could access few standard fields like Owner.Name, Owner.FirstName without problems.

SELECT Id, Name, Owner.Name, Owner.FirstName, Owner.Store_Name__c
FROM CustomObject__c
WHERE Id = :ourId

ERROR at Row:1:Column:74
No such column ‘Store_Name__c’ on entity ‘Name’.

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