Making voice notes and Todoist tasks with AI & TTS on Huawei smartwatch

I recently bought a Huawei smartwatch and while it can hold up to 10-14 days of battery life, it does not support WearOS. And that means you can’t install the Todoist app on it (used for task management). But, thanks to a bit of creativity and information gained at a recent AIDevs training course, I managed to find a way around this problem.

1. At Halonet, I purchased a landline number. It costs around 0.3 USD / month. I then activated voicemail on it, with the option to receive recorded messages to an email address, and a block to only allow calls to it from my private mobile number.

2 I configured the number as a favorite on my smartwatch for quick access. When I am on the run, I call this number and dictate my voice memo. Halonet sends the recording to my email address.

3 I wrote a Python script that regularly checks my dedicated email inbox for new messages. If it finds a recording, it saves and processes it using OpenAI Whisper into a text.

4 I currently send this text to my email, but am also able to call the Todoist API to add this as a task. Alternatively, send the email to a dedicated Todoist email address, which will also open a task.

5. I also plan to OpenAI to recognize whether what I dictate should be saved as a note or as a task. If a note, the email will be sent directly to me, if a task – it will be added to Todoist.

Although artificial intelligence plays a small role in this process, it is definitely an important element that makes it easier for me to create tasks or notes via the Huawei smartwatch.

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