Salesforce – How to create tab for Tasks / Events in Classic UI?

Sometimes we would like to have easy access to all our tasks. We can browse some of them on the Home page, but it’s not always an efficient way. Instead of that, we would like to have them as a tab and view them on the whole screen.

Unfortunately, Salesforce doesn’t allow us to create a standard tab for tasks. We could do this by creating a Visualforce page and use Apex to get all tasks, but there is an easier way. We will simply create a VF page with redirection to the standard object page for tasks (URL is “/007”).

<apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false">
<script type="text/javascript"> window.location="/007"; </script>

Now we can create custom Visualforce tab using above VF page.

But there is also another way. Instead of making redirection, we can use apex:enhancedList with type parameter as Activity.

<apex:enhancedList type="Activity" height="600" />

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